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Truck Beds

At Conder’s Trailer Sales, we carry the leader in truck bed design and development. With your best interest in mind, we will provide you with haulers that will leave you never wanting more. Located in the Somerset, Kentucky area, and serving Russell Springs, KY – Columbia, KY – Stanford, KY – Campbellsville, KY – Lebanon, KY – Danville, KY, and Whitley City, KY, our truck beds will be the very finest.

Carrying the CM Truck Bed brand, our company is ready to serve you with nothing but the very best when it comes to shopping for the ultimate truck bed.

Built dependable with style unsurpassed, Conder truck beds will get you and your heavy loads where ever you need to go with ease and comfort.

Through our quality, models, prices, and other searching options, Conder will have what you are looking for and more when it comes to shopping for the right truck bed to complete your carrying needs.



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